PU GUN 4040

WIWA PU GUN 4040 the new 2K spray gun for professional application of PUR foam and Polyurea. This pneumatic operated spray gun is based on the impingement mixing technique. The poly and iso components exit spray tips directly into the mixing chamber at a pressure of upto 250 bar. The streams contact directly in front of the tips, immediately mixing the material without the need for a static mixer. Through a simple exchange of mixing chamber and tips, the output can be adjusted to meet any customer requirements...


The professional dual-component gun for processing PUR foam and polyurea.

The concept

With the new development of the WIWA PU GUN 4040, we are expanding our wide range of innovative PU application technologies with our own spray gun. The concept for this pneumatically driven gun is based on the counter-current principle. The ISO and poly components only come into contact in the mixing chamber at a pressure of over 250 bar immediately before material is discharged through the nozzle. The capacity of the gun can be adapted quickly and easily to the corresponding requirements by simply exchanging the mixing chamber.

In detail

The many practical details and possibility of adapting the PU gun quickly and easily to a range of application requirements make this product into a tool for professionals. However, the PU GUN 4040 not only offers a wide range of technical innovations, but also optimal working ergonomics. The low gun weight, optimised handle design and variable assignment of the connections for the material supply hoses guarantee effortless work, even when coating large areas.

The case

The scope of delivery also includes a case manufactured from sturdy materials, which contains a comprehensive range of all tools and lubricants required for gun disassembly and maintenance in addition to the gun itself. Other accessories such as nozzles, mixing chambers, filters and connection adapters can also be stored and transported in the robust, generously dimensioned case.

Fields of application

Applications include corrosion and wear protection, plus the sealing, joint sealing and repair of virtually all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Use: Protection, sealing, insulation

Water-based construction: Pools, natural pools, pond linings, fish farms, drinking water tanks, collecting tanks (including chemical-resistant tanks), sewage treatment plants

Construction: Foundations, industrial floors and walls, concrete refurbishment, hangar floors, roof insulation and sealing, cavity insulation, car parks, noise insulation for track beds, bridge sealing

Loading areas: Pick-ups, HGVs, rolling stock, ferries, containers

Pipeline construction: Inner and outer coating of pipes (gas, water, oil, chemicals)

Leisure parks: Water attractions, reinforcement and decoration of moulded polystyrene parts (e.g. figures), loudspeakers

Offshore: Wind turbine generators, ship decks, submarines, buoys

Spraying agent:Polyurea and PUR foams

Technical specifications of the WIWA PU GUN 4040:

Max. operating pressure 250 bar
Max. air inlet pressure 8 bar
Max. temperature 100 °C
Fluid output 1.2 - 22 kg/min.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 100 x 70 x 92.5 mm (automatic version)
  160 x 87 x 200 mm (manual version)
Approx. weight 1.25 kg (automatic version)
  1.40 kg (manual version)