Ergonomic, reliable and performing, the solution E-JET 2 is the combination of the best technologies. It has been specially designed for companies looking to improve their powder coating application and the overall efficiency of the operator. Available in two versions : . Vibrating table (e-jet2 VT), ideal for numerous color changes . Fluidized hopper (e-jet2 R), suitable for medium and large production capacity and/or for powder coatings which are suitable for less vibration.

. Trolley is simple, easy to work with and compact
. Easy handling trolley (2 large wheels for obstacles and two directional wheel)
. Sturdy powder gun with a large range of nozzles for covering all applications
. New metallic CS130 powder pump
 - Sturdy and easily cleanable materials
 - Quick disconnect plugs
 - Optimized mounting / dismounting of pump
 - Injector can be removed with hand, no tool required
 - Drastic reduction of number of wear parts
 - Conductive powder tip (anti static)

. Best balanced gun available on the market, with all controls on the gun
. Easy use, possibility to customize controls (graphic interface of module)
. Trolley can be oriented for a better visualization of control screen during operation
. Trolley is easy to move and cross over obstacles (large wheels, toggling)
. New removable support arm, possibility to clean aside from the work zone
. Safe hanging of the gun, on both sides, front and rear
. Cables and hoses folding support
. Double housing on top, to place objects.

. High transfer efficiency gun, with stable pattern
. Pumping air is regulated in flow to allow sharpest precision of application. It also permits to get powder saving
. Color changing time and performance optimzed : 
 - Efficient and fast blowing system; rising of the whole paint circuit with : FAST-CLEAN
 - Support arm removable to improve quality of color change
 - New powder pump perfectly cleanable and without powder retention.