As a leading manufacturer, HOFMANN have been supplying roadmarking technology for 60 years. The range of products encompasses everything the heart desires for roadmarking: From small, hand-controlled machines and self-propelled, ride-on machines to roadmarking trucks in various sizes up to 29 tonnes total admissible weight, drying and line remover machines, and also melting machineries of thermoplastic materials.

Various application systems are available for paints, sprayable and extrudable 2-componentplastics, as well as for sprayable and extrudable thermoplastic materials. Depending on the type of marking material, they are also available for low-pressure or Airless high-pressure marking.
Particular benefits can be achieved with: 
MultiDotLine® Plus-extruder for definded agglomerate, profile and plain markings.
Spotflex® system for defined agglomerate markings.
Metering pumps designed to operate path-dependently (CONEX®), thus maintaining the set volume of material per meter line length irrespective of any changes in travel speed (AMAKOS®).
Expert advice and guidance for our customers from the point of purchase to commissioning as well as training by our engineers go without saying.