Material and surface treatment products in Algeria

Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor

Our most popular extractor with capacities between 20T and 100T. Very reliable and extremely heavy duty. Simple to operate with high power wich to extract bundles. Capable of pulling bundles at any height with crane support.

Self Propelled Bundle Extractor

Compact and dual steering extractor designed to pull a large number of bundles during turnarounds. Pulls bundles in difficult to reach areas and drives underneath pipe racks. Capacity of 25T and max bundle height of 6m. Drives bundles to the cleaning bay and can be operated by 1 technician.

Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor

Designed for incidental shutdowns and large turnarounds. Heavy duty design with high power winch. Additional safety due dual extending rear outriggers keep the extractor balanced and stable. Bundle capacity up to 20T and max 7m height. Drives on the higway and transports bundles to the cleaning bay.